Janine Gilmour

About Touchstone

Touchstone provides services that are the culmination of  years of business experience and my lasting dedication to changing the odds that you battle every day. The odds that show employees quit leaders not companies - but no one ever decides to be a lousy leader. The odds that show the majority of small businesses fail - but no one decides to pour their money and their energy into a failure.

When I was a child my father nearly lost our home because he bet more than he could afford to lose on a risky business venture. He was a smart, hardworking man who got caught up in imagining potential gains without looking at whether or not he could survive the downside risk. That experience inspired me to learn how successful businesses operate, and  help others make informed choices about risk and reward. But after 15 years working as a commercial banker I’d seen dozens of business owners lose their dignity, their money, and quite often their families when their business failed. I was discouraged with the system, and wanted to do more.

My goal is to change the game, and improve your odds of lasting success by working with one business at a time.  So I coach, train and speak with  business people who dare to dream big, but want to grow strategically. 

If you're curious about what makes your business work - or not - let's talk. If you're curious about how to lead so others follow willingly - let's talk. If you want to spend more time making money - and less time dealing with grinding problems - let's talk. 

"Expert advisors have already learned from their mistakes ... so you don't have to."
- Anon.